Carlos Devone 

Carlos' Story 

“He’s the painter, I’m the canvas.”  Carlos Devone embodies this.  Over the past 24 years, God has been faithfully creating a man useful to love and build up his people.

It started in Jacksonville, Florida as the 90’s opened.  Carlos grew up, as too many of us do, in a broken home, the father skipping out before the son could process his presence and absence. Carlos’ mother remarried, but domestic violence came hand in hand with the wedding vows.

So Carlos Devone turned to sports, finding some success as a running back.  Football and school took him to Grinnell College in Iowa, famous for its progressive and top-tier academics.  Ironically, it was at this proudly secular school that God grabbed Carlos through the local InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group.  

After injuries killed his football career, he started focusing on music and it was natural that his music focuses on sharing the love and forgiveness that Christ had given him.  He began recording and has since released 9 projects, including several mix-tapes and the 2013 project, Mediations!  

Having recorded and released nearly 150 tracks, Carlos Devone has developed his sound and is starting 2015 focused on broadening his fan base and laying the groundwork for the future.  With production courtesy of good friend Prince Ali XL, Carlos is bringing a southern hip-hop sound paired with influences from across the musical spectrum, from reggae to rock, and any other sound that reaches him.

As a musician,  a husband, a citizen, Carlos Devone’s message is simple, yet profound.  We are broken, but God is faithful.  Experience Carlos Devone…the canvass is gallery ready!

Written by William Goad.