Gospel Centered Music 

Here at Redeemer Church it is our hope that the gospel would be the anthem and the heartbeat of God's people. Not only on Sunday's but on all days. It is out of this desire that we purposefully invest in music sung at our gathered church events (worship gathered) as well as music sung at venues, bars, coffee shops, and anywhere else music is heard and sung (worship scattered).

Worship Gathered 

As a church we  gather on Sunday mornings to celebrate and rehearse the gospel together; rejoicing the finished work of Christ!

Bellow are links to the songs each campus is singing this Sunday. 


Worship Scattered

In addition to celebrating the gospel on Sunday mornings we also desire to embed the gospel deep into the everyday rhythms of our lives. 

With that it mind we celebrate both the creation of gospel centered songs as well as the artists in our church who create them. 


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Redeemer Church check out our music blog.