We exist to gladly making others glad in Jesus.

We will spread through Church Growth and Church Planting.

We will strive to plant churches Locally as well as Globally.

Our global focus will be on Unengaged, Unreached People Groups.

Our prayer is that our entire membership will reflect a Global Christian Mindset through Praying, Giving and Going.

                                                                                                                                     Global Strategy

Redeemer Global will foster Global Christians and Plant Churches Globally through two main strategies:


We will establish yearly rhythms that promote awareness, mobilization, assessment and training.

  •          Communication
    •        Preaching, Redeemer Radio, Video Updates
  •         Community
    •        Prayer Night >>> Global Community Group
  •          Coaching
    •       Perspectives and Engage Global

*** The Ground Strategy provides a context for fostering global Christian mindset as well as discovering potential goers. Air Strategy requires more investment, and therefore more assessment. While it is our hope that all Redeemer Members would be global Christians, not all will go.


We will develop training and sending relationships that will allow us to fully equip and send missionaries to UUPGs.

  •         Train
    •       Equip goers appropriately for fruitful mission 
  •         Send
    •        Send short and long term trips for exploration and establishment
  •          Support
    •        Financial and Community support for existing missionaries