Redeemer Church: Perfect for Young Adults, College Students and Families

Redeemer Church is one church with two locations in Iowa: Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls. We are a gospel centered church, and we exist to gladly make others glad in Jesus.

Community Groups

Redeemer is a church that focuses on building relationships and community – And we do that primarily through Community Groups. We firmly believe that people can truly grow through a relationship with Jesus, and we do this together - as one - through these Community Groups. For more information on Community Groups click here, or feel free to contact us using our quick form below.

Praising our Redeemer through Worship Music


Here at Redeemer, we know that music can make a big impact in our everyday life. Music has a way of moving past our mindset and going directly to our heart, and we feel that it is important to worship God, our Redeemer, through His gift of music. Both our Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls locations have gifted and growing worship bands. Visit our Cedar Rapids or Cedar Falls page to view our service times and listen in as we praise the Lord through music!



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